Just a cat or two shy of crazy…

After about a month, we still have 3 cats, so that’s good, right? The cats are still very slowly adjusting to things, but I’m hopeful we’ll be able to move Vega’s food dishes and litter box downstairs soon. We are at a point where we let them all roam freely, even if we aren’t at home and so far there have been no scuffles. Poor Vega has no intention of being the alpha cat, but still Uzi wants nothing to do with her. She even flopped in front of him exposing her belly and he just grumbled/yowled/made that horrible sound he makes and walked away. Ziggy has been a lot more accepting and she and Vega have sniffed noses, but Vega is still a bit too energetic and pushy for Ziggy’s liking and she will hiss at her to warn her to back off.


Vega seems to be adapting well, however the kids no longer like it when she tries to cuddle at bedtime with them… she’s attacked moving limbs a few too many times and I can’t convince them that it’s an accident and she isn’t actually trying to eat them. She’s such a good snuggler too… she’s ridiculously soft and has such a loud purr. But… yes, even I get a little tired of her kittenish antics when it involves needing assistance removing her from my face/head/hand. She thinks my hair is a toy and instead of just going for the dangly bits, she just launches herself at my head and latches on, which is just about as fun as it sounds. Kind of reminds me when the kids were babies and I cut my hair short after each one… I’m tempted to chop my hair off yet again just so it’s not a temptation any longer.


Despite some growing pains, we’re still happy with our new little fur ball and I think it’s safe to say she’s pretty happy about things as well. With a little more time she won’t have to wait until the kids are asleep to cuddle them and the hissing and grumbling will no longer be the norm.