Just your local crazy cat lady…

This summer really needs to slow down so we can have time to fully enjoy it.  As it is I feel like we have a million things I want to do and weekends are filling up.  There’s also the bug problem too. On our walk the other day I noticed a lot more mosquitoes out and about and while they didn’t seem to bother the kiddos, I had several bites within a few minutes and had to pick up the pace.  Time to bust out the various bug repellants and hope we can use our yard this summer since we weren’t able to last year.  I think Uzi will also be glad if we’re out in the yard more often.


We’ve only taken Uzi out on a leash a couple of times so far, but he seems to enjoy it.  He’ll enjoy it even more now that we planted a few things outside.  Not surprisingly, some of our dog loving neighbors have pointed and laughed a bit, but it doesn’t bother me.  It gets Uzi some fresh air and lets him roll around in the grass.  I’d love to let him roam free, but we live way too close to a busy road and there are way too many loose dogs in the neighborhood and too few cat people.


Unfortunately Uzi will just have to enjoy being outside on a leash and watching birds from inside the house.  There’s a bird feeder right outside my office window and I know there are birds out when I can see his butt twitching behind the curtain and can hear him start to chatter.  Ha ha.  No bird would be safe if I let him out.  Keep the dream alive, Uzi!  Maybe one day you’ll get out of the house unattended and wreak havoc on our bird community.