Much ado about nothing

It feels almost silly to be writing about nothing, but during the Winter we tend to be homebodies… especially with two kiddos.  No one likes being bundled up, and options for things to do are limited unless we want to drive for an hour or more.  So… we spend a lot of time at home.  We did venture out to get Enzo’s haircut and both the kids did great.  Enzo looks like such a big boy now, and when we were done we let him play at the play area in the mall until it got too crowded.  The worst part is the kids who are way too big to be playing there and you have to watch them to make sure they don’t push over the smaller kids since their own parents are on their phones or chatting with other people and paying no attention whatsoever to their kids.  Grr.


Anyhoo, considering the Groundhog saw his shadow, it looks like we may be in for some more cabin fever yet while we dream about warmer days and all of the things we want to do this summer.  Considering what a happy gal Toots is, and how much better Enzo has been doing in the car, we should be able to get out and about plenty this year.  Lots of time at the zoo with our memberships, but probably some new things as well now that Enzo is older.  I think we’ll probably visit the Children’s Museum as well and probably a lot more playgrounds and beaches too.  Phoebe is generally just laid back and happy to be wherever, so I’m sure she won’t whatever we choose. 😉


All in all we really got lucky with our kiddos and hopefully we may get to expand our usual day trips even longer. We’re thinking of maybe spending a weekend or two away from home visiting places we haven’t been to yet since we’ve lived here, like Duluth and probably plan at least one airplane trip this year.  I’m looking forward to hosting some of my family this year at our new house (as many family members as I can convince to come visit) and then we’ll see who else we can visit that can’t make it. Can you tell I’m desperate to get out of the house?? Oh Winter how you do drag on…