Munchkin Meals : 2 Years Old & almost 11 Months

Linking up this week for Munchkin Meals again!

I can’t believe that Phoebe is almost a year old and that it’s almost time to start weaning her off of formula and bottles.  Increasing solids shouldn’t be a problem since she is still loving food and we have no problem with her trying new things.  There are, however, things like yogurt that she can’t quite feed herself with a spoon yet, so we’ve been getting a ton of use out of the reusable pouches lately.

YogurtNoms BrekkieNoms

After her really bad diaper rashes, we’ve stopped giving her strawberries and it seems like those might have been the culprits.  Thankfully, she can still enjoy raspberries and blackberries, which are her new favorites.  The only downside to blackberries is that it looks like she’s murdered someone after she’s done eating them.


Both kids get served the same things we eat for pretty much all of their meals.  If there is something that might be too difficult for Phoebe to eat (or too much of a junk food for either kid, but mom and dad ran out of time) we thankfully have some Earth’s Best freezer options for them.  Both kids really love the raviolis, so it’s a nice last minute dinner or lunch.


Both kids love their breads, though, which can be both good and bad.  I do try to use Whole Wheat for most things and keep down our white flour intake, but they definitely take after their mom.  I LOVE bread.  It’s no surprise that they love weekends when I’m more likely to make muffins or homemade blueberry pancakes.

PancakeNoms PancakeNoms2

It’s funny to me how different the kiddos are when it comes to their eating styles.  As a baby Enzo was often cautious about what was on his plate and he’d carefully inspect his food, especially if it was something new.  Phoebe, however, barely gives me time to put down the tray some days and already has her hands wrapped around whatever looks good… steak, chicken, salmon (the girl is a carnivore), blackberries, roasted veggies… you name it.  A girl after my own heart. 😉


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  1. Welcome to Mommyhood

    What great eaters! My toddler loves bread, too but I really try to limit it during a normal week. When we have a lot going on, I definitely resort to it when we’re out and about though as it’s pretty easy. I just wish he loved meat as much as your daughter 🙂

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