Munchkin Meals – 8 Months & 2 Years

Linking up this week for Munchkin Meals again!

Nothing too exciting when it comes to food in the past month. We’re continuing doing a combination of purees and actual solid food with Phoebe. Alas, I’m still struggling to find time (and let’s be honest, motivation) to make her baby food, so we give her organic food pouches. I think we’ll be able to cut back on the food pouches a bit, though.

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In the beginning she didn’t want to drink as much formula and just wanted to eat food, but since she doesn’t have teeth when she gums food half of it ends up on her bib because she pushes it back out with her tongue, which is why she was getting so much pureed food. Now she seems to be interested in drinking more bottles and is less interested in purees, so time for me to step it up a notch and keep our fridge and pantry stocked with things we can safely give her to nom on.


So far that hasn’t been anything that Phoebe won’t eat. She’ll try everything, which is a big switch from her big brother, who even as a baby could be very particular about his food. It looks like this girl will take after her mama who will eat just about anything. Give me all the food!


Enzo has been doing pretty good as far as meals go. There is often a delicate balance between snacks and actual meals and timing, though. While we don’t want him to be hungry, he is so much more willing to try everything on his plate when he is, so we have to very carefully time snacks and make sure we communicate who gave him what and when. He’s been a little more adventurous lately when it comes to trying different things (he was on a meat strike for a while). We obviously don’t want to force him to eat things, but we do encourage him to have at least one bite of everything and then we’ll consider offering him an equally healthy (less fancy and quick) alternative.


The kiddo does have his favorites, though, including frozen waffles (whatever is healthy and generally whole wheat and organic). He’s been a little picky lately about what kinds of fruits and veggies he wants, so we try to keep some variety on hand. It’s hard to know if he’s going to like grapes one week or strawberries, and then out of the blue he’ll eat a pint of blueberries. I get it, I get bored with certain foods sometimes too.


I figure it’s just a normal toddler phase to be somewhat picky, which maybe has something to do with creating some kind of control in their lives (also understandable).  As long as we can get him to eat a minimum of healthy things either stealthily (green smoothie) or by randomly hitting upon something he wants then I’m sure he’ll be just fine. It’s just temporary, right?  If anything maybe Phoebe will be a good influence on him and encourage him to try new things. 😉


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  1. Welcome to Mommyhood

    I also like to hide healthy things in smoothies 😉 my son has also decided to take on being picky. I really hope it’s a phase, and he’ll return to his love of all green foods like before. Looks like you’re doing a great job keeping your kids healthy!

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