Not really resolutions

I have New Year’s Funk. I think it must be the cold weather, and now that the holidays are over and the festive decor is stored away, I feel a little glum. Granted, I was sick for most of the holidays, and getting sick always messes up routines and plans. When all is said and done, we had a good 2010, and we’re in for an exciting 2011, so I just need to stay focused on the positive. Sure, I’m uncertain as to what I want to be doing for a job right now – all I know is I need a change soon. It’ll be a while before I can use education to get more interesting jobs, so in the meantime – what to do? Still figuring that out. Anyway…

So, let’s stay focused on what I/we plan on doing in 2011:

*Start our family – We’ve been planning this for a while, and are very excited the nearer it gets
*Have the most awesome summer road trip ever (even though I found out we’ll have to cut it a bit shorter than we wanted).
*Start investigating where to move to when we leave Minnesota – definitely in the year of 2012

and other little goals for the year:
*Take more photos
*Try my best to get a 4.0 GPA (or near to it)
*Pay off a huge portion of our debt
*Start going to the gym again
*Blog more
*Declutter our lives a bit
*Combine offices and create guest bedroom/future nursery
*Go on more weekend adventures together
*Start a pot garden on our back deck and grow some healthy food!
*Do more sewing/crafting
*Work at de-stressing – handling it better

and just because… Uzi with his new toy: