Now you are Two

Sometimes I wonder how it’s even possible that we have a 2 year old. It often feels like just yesterday that Josh and I started dating, and now I have a toddler, and that seems entirely too mature and “grown-up.” Be that as it may, we do indeed have a spunky little boy who turned 2 over the weekend. There are so many things to say about my little man, so where does one start?


This boy is quite the talker. He has a lot to say, and he mimics everything. He likes to try out new words and sentences, which is so much fun. For a while I had him saying, “Honey, I’m home” when he’d come in the garage door after day care, but then he decided he didn’t want to say that anymore, so he’s been enjoying greeting his dad in French instead.


He still really enjoys reading books, some of his favorites being ‘Hop on Pop,’ ‘One Fish, Two Fish’ and a new random book about visiting the dentist.


As is common with most boys his age, he adores Thomas the Train as well as Chuck the Truck, Pocoyo, and Daniel the Tiger. We’ve also watched ‘Frozen’ a number of times and ‘Rise of the Guardians.’ He’s also an Elmo fan and a big Mario fan (as in Mario and Luigi), thanks to his Dad.


One of the things I love about his personality is how polite he is. He’s very good at remembering to say Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me without prompting. He’s also becoming very empathetic and good about sharing – most of the time. Don’t even think about taking his Choo-Choo. I love his little routines in the evening, like how on bath nights he wears his Thomas robe and when he takes it off he puts it on a specific chair in his room and if that chair has something in it he huffs and moves the offending object so he can neatly put his robe in its place.


Right now we’re sort of working on counting and the alphabet. He can count to 10 (on and off – sometimes he forgets the order) and often tries to recite the alphabet as well. We’re definitely not rushing him, but I love that he’s learning so much. He also really likes singing Puff the Magic Dragon right now. He can’t remember all the words, so he’ll start it and then you have to finish it.


It goes without saying that he’s a wonderful big brother, and so helpful. Despite the 2’s being “terrible” on occasion, I think I’m going to like them.

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