Oh blah-di, oh blah-dah…

The end of October and potentially Fall already? How did that happen? I can’t really think of anything exciting that’s taken place during our month of October, which in a way is kind of sad, but on the other hand, I don’t necessarily mind.  I get a little stir-crazy now and then, but we’ve kept ourselves busy with a few house projects, and the wee man also makes the time pass very quickly.  I remember getting bored if we went two weekends with no plans, but now?  Not so much. I feel lucky when I can kick back and relax for an hour or two with nothing but a book or sit down and watch a movie with Josh. For people who love movies, we’ve watched very few in the past 6 months. :p We also realized it’s been two months since we had a “date” night where we went out.  Sure, we’ve had a few nights where we’ll pour a glass of wine after Enzo is asleep, and hang out, but does that really count? I’m not so sure… I imagine our pediatrician will say no if she asks at his 6 month check up. 😉


Anyhoo, the wee man is doing great, aside from teething. He’s so good at sitting up by himself now!  He still gets wobbly and has taken a few topples, but nothing too severe. He’ll cry for a few seconds, but then is perfectly all right again. What can I say?  Even when you’re right there it’s easy for them to just suddenly topple over in a direction you weren’t planning while you were grabbing something and *smack* floor. I felt really bad about it the first time when he managed to hit the only part of the floor that I hadn’t padded. Go figure.


Food is going well. He’s tried several other fruits/veggies in his mesh food thing, which I think sort of helps while he’s teething and makes me not worry about him choking on any food and allows him to take control of his feeding.  We’ll probably try a few “whole” foods soon and see how he does… maybe some sweet potato sticks and avocado slices. I figure if he doesn’t like avocado, I can just whip up some guacamole for Josh and I. 😉


In other events, not much is new. Enzo continues to amuse us as his personality becomes more distinct. I can’t believe he’ll be 6 months old on Saturday. We’re also not always boring… we’ve having some people over on Saturday to hang out. We were going to do one of those Murder Mystery parties, but alas, it had to be postponed until everyone can make it. I’ve always wanted to do one, so I’m looking forward to when we actually can.

And on that note… Flying ninja baby!

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