Oh, March.

When the most exciting part of your weekend is going to Sonic (yeah, yeah, I’m supposed to be eating healthy… we are never near one, though, so cheating is allowed), there’s pretty much no arguing that your life is a little dull. We’ve been getting out and about and running errands, but not too much else.


Sometimes a little bit of nothing is kind of nice, though.  We’re going to do some spring cleaning this weekend and perhaps we’ll spend some more time in jammies.  In the winter, especially, you’ve got to have those days where you just don’t get out of your pajamas all day.


Thankfully it’s also March, which means we should be getting warmer weather soon… I mean, even 40 degrees would be nice.  It’s sad when 40 degrees is “warm.”  Since almost nothing else is going on, I should probably stop rambling.  Maybe I’ll go watch ‘The Neighbors’, which you should watch if you haven’t.  It’s so much more awesome than I thought it would be and is a new favorite!


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