On will power… and whether or not I have any

I’ve decide, on a whim really, to give up a few things for the month of March to see if it makes a difference or not in my physical/mental wellbeing. If I was smart, I would have done this during February when there are only 28 days. Oh hindsight.

So… the list isn’t quite complete yet, but the big cuts are sugar, especially in the form of candy. I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t have some sort of chocolate or super sugary treat, so this is going to be a hard one. Included in this is soda, which should be less hard since I haven’t been drinking it very often.

I should give up caffeine, but haven’t yet decided whether or not to do that, but since this is the last day of February should probably make that call.  I suppose it would save me some extra cash since it’s sort of become a Monday routine to stop for local coffee. Ooh, this could be tricky. I didn’t even completely give up caffeine while I was pregnant. Maybe I’ll just switch to tea since that has a lot less caffeine.

I’m also going to go without booze for the month, which should be easy since I did that while I was pregnant.

It probably sounds really easy to give up things like sugar for a month, but I’m already dreading it, especially since Dove came out with these amazing Cocount Creme eggs.


I am hoping I’ll experience some good changes, though, as I’ve just been tired and blah lately, and while I’ve added some good things to my diet, it doesn’t mean they counteract all the sugar and crap I also put into my body on a daily basis. I’m really just curious to see if I actually notice anything different in my mood and energy by doing away with extra sugar and caffeine, so we’ll see what we see!

4 thoughts on “On will power… and whether or not I have any

  1. Toni Barton

    Sounds like a wonderful idea!! Be careful of some tea’s though, they can have more caffeine than coffee.

  2. Sharon

    I know when I had to give up sugar it was hard at first but then your body gets use to it and you will feel the difference and your mood will improve during that hideous time of the month. If you increase your calcium it may help curb the chocolate craving. You’ve got my full support, good luck. Remember that if you have a relapse it won’t kill the whole month just keep going without the rest of the month. I love you and good luck 🙂

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