Pets and Kids…


It’s been a while since I really mentioned the cats, our fur “babies” (I say that only to make Josh gag), and thought I should give an update since for a while things were not going as well as one would hope.  We are still adjusting, but I think we’re all getting along much better now, or maybe it’s just my attitude that has changed since I haven’t been getting quite so irritable lately.  For a while Ziggy was continually crapping in places outside of the litter box downstairs – most often after Enzo had been down there with us, playing. We had decided when we moved that we’d keep the cats mostly downstairs, but allow them upstairs during the day, however, that changed for a while when Ziggy pooed in Enzo’s bedroom. Along with that we had Uzi yowling nonstop and constantly getting into trouble, and for a while I strongly considered rehoming them both… I figured they’d be happier if they were getting more attention, and we’d be happier not cleaning up crap.


A few days ago I decided to invite the cats back upstairs – Uzi took me up on the offer (Ziggy was hiding from the kids), and rather than putting them back downstairs before bed, I left the door open.  They were both really well behaved and we hung out, especially after Enzo went to bed and the past few days have been going pretty well.  We’ve let them sleep upstairs with us a couple of nights, and while Uzi still yowls for a bit when I lock them downstairs (they have a nice basement, don’t pity them), overall I think we’re all happier with each other.  Uzi is still naughty and has his frustrating moments like meowing enough to wake a sleeping child, but he hasn’t been chasing Ziggy as often and Ziggy even stayed in the same room as Enzo (hiding under the table counts). I’ve been trying to have Enzo be the main treat-giver as well, and while Ziggy isn’t ready to accept them from him yet, Uzi has been receptive to the idea as long as Enzo doesn’t squeal too much. He almost knocked Enzo over the other day by rubbing up against him, much to Enzo’s delight. 😉


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  1. Sharon

    So glad to hear it is going better with them, it sounds like with you too. The kids look wonderful, Phoebe was very interested in Uzi as well. Love you all.

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