Photo Dump

There isn’t a lot going on right now, and I’ve got a bunch of random photos that never made it into posts either because other pictures were used instead or they never worked anywhere (which would explain why they look familiar), so now seems as good of a time as any to put them somewhere.  If you only knew just how many photos were on my computer… soooo many.  When you’ve got two kids constantly moving the best thing is to just keep snapping and just hope for a decent shot or two.


Still obsessed with cars and trucks.


I wonder if we’ll have a musician on our hands… she LOVES all things musical.


Ack, that grin.


So glad her eczema cleared up with age!


Hey, look!  Food!  Remember when I used to take pictures of what we were eating?  Ah, the days before kids… now I barely have time to compose any shots at all… good or bad.



Still working on getting this kid to try new things… we’ll get there.


Will her eyes stay blue like Enzo’s?  Hard to say.



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