Raffia Cream, Surfer and Indian Paintbrush

I wonder who gets to come up with paint color names… it seems like such an easy gig, but in reality, I don’t think I could be nearly that creative.

So, the before pictures are really just to show the old colors… which is why you see corners and not big room pictures of the present disarray our house is in. 😉




And now, here is the awesome.  We still have to finish getting furniture in place, but aren’t the colors pretty (not that the camera and evening lighting really do it justice).

PaintAfter1  PaintAfter2

PaintAfter3 PaintAfter5



One thought on “Raffia Cream, Surfer and Indian Paintbrush

  1. Sharon

    It makes a big difference and those are definitely you guys colors, I love them, your hutch really stands out and I love the blue in the kitchen, I’ll take a picture of our blue wall so you can see what we did.

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