Rain, rain…

Well, we were going to go camping this weekend, but the cooler temperatures and constant chance of rain made us decide to stay home.


So, instead we actually got a lot done around the house and Enzo got to spend the afternoon with his Grandma Kim while Josh and I saw Star Trek with Josh’s dad.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I was much less bummed about not camping. 😉


On Sunday we went to IKEA and grabbed a few things for the house, and would have picked up some flowers, but this is not my idea of good planting weather. Perhaps Enzo and I will go buy some flowers for some pots next weekend. I’ll probably still try and grow a few veggies, even though it’s getting late in the season to do so, but lettuce and spinach grow pretty quickly and I’m sure I can find a few other things to try as well since with the move we got a late start.


As for other things, not much else is new. Josh took a 14 week photo while we enjoyed a little time on the deck Friday night before the cooler temperatures rolled in. I still haven’t felt the Burrito moving around, but I imagine by 16 weeks I should feel the familiar flutters again.

Week 14

All in all, we had a decent weekend, and I’m looking forward to a short work week.  It’ll be just Enzo and I next weekend, so hopefully we’ll find something fun to do besides grocery shopping.  Alas, according to the forecast it’s rain… all week until Sunday, so let’s hope that’s wrong.  Otherwise, I guess it’s a good excuse to continue and get the house unpacked, which in itself is a good feeling.  Plus, we have a very adventurous little man who has discovered what fun it is to climb the boxes and has managed to get stuck in between boxes and furniture more times than I can count, so getting the house in order is kind of a high priority.  On that note… my guess is I won’t be posting very frequently until that happens. 😉


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