I should know by now that things rarely go as planned, and that I should therefore stop making so many plans, especially when it comes to things that are often out of our control. So, I’m changing the way I look at my hopes and goals and accepting that some will just happen in their own time, and not necessarily when I want them to.

In the meantime, I have a wonderful husband and two quirky cats – all of whom make me laugh on a daily basis and make me feel loved in their own ways. I shall continue to work towards a few of my more controllable goals – like getting through school and focusing more on the present and finding what makes me happy. My feet are ready to walk, but the rest of me is uncertain where to go, so I think a little exploring is in order. Josh and I both share a great many of the same hopes and dreams, but many of them will take work and most of all patience. Time will tell which of these will become reality. You never have full control over anything… some more than others, but never entirely. So, I will accept that timing is everything, and patience is something I must cultivate as well as faith that the universe will provide if it is meant to be.

It seems like a cop-out almost. Oh it was “meant to be” or it wasn’t, but I think that is just the way of things… there is a reason for everything, whether we understand it or not. Or maybe I’m just hoping this is so to make myself feel better? I won’t deny this is a possibility because there is one thing I/we really want, and for unexplained reasons, can’t have right now, so… patience, and in the meantime, telling myself that everything happens for a reason. 😉

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