Splish Splash!

It’s certainly warming up (which is obviously to be expected in Minnesota in July), but with that extra bit of humidity it always makes it seem even more hot.  We don’t really play in our front yard on hot days because it gets hot, especially the front door, which requires oven mitts to open.  Note to self: some kind of front door awning is a necessity if front door is going to be in the sun all day.


Thankfully, though, our back deck is mostly in the sun in the morning and early afternoon and it slowly is covered in shade.  That in addition to the nice size of the deck means Enzo has plenty of room to play with his water table.


Granted, now all I hear when Enzo is outside is, “Water, Mommy!” followed by “More water, Mommy, more water!” It’s hard to say no on the hot days, and really I don’t mind all that much if he gets soaked.  He just has the worst timing, you know?  I swear he only ever wants to use the table minutes before dinner.


Thankfully at day care they have one water day a week, and though he does have swimwear it’s so much easier to just strip and run around in a diaper (unless he’s out with no shade). I’m kind of envious of the kid’s tan, actually. I feel so pasty in comparison. Gone are the days when I used to sunbathe outside… bring on the fake tan with its slightly orangey glow!  Funny… I just don’t care as much as I used to. Now I’ll wear shorts regardless of whether or not my legs look tan or not and I have spider veins that never went away from being pregnant. Meh. Anyhoo…


One thing about Enzo and water is that he doesn’t necessarily appreciate water in all forms.  Showers and spray of any kind is discouraged and he’d rather burst into flames than to succumb to the gentle mist of cool water from anything that isn’t a standing pool. We’ll see how he does at the ocean, and we should probably get to a lake soon to introduce him to gentle waves again. Last year it took a while to warm up.  Plus, this year we’ll get to see how Toots does!


One thought on “Splish Splash!

  1. Sharon

    Go figure, why do any kids think bath time is just horrendous but will splash in puddles or spray each other with the hose, crazy children. 🙂

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