Spoons and Pumpkins

We were originally going to wait to try solids until Enzo was 6 months old, but he’s been showing more and more interest in what we’re eating and grabbing for food, so we decided to give him rice cereal this weekend to see how he would take to a spoon.

He was all over that first bite and immediately wanted more, which I wasn’t expecting. I’d heard that a lot of the time babies don’t necessarily like the rice cereal, but whether it was the taste or the experience, he wanted more.

Seeing his reaction, I think we’ll try a veggie next week – most likely sweet potatoes and see how he likes those.  We aren’t in a rush to replace his bottles with solid food since most of his vitamins and minerals come from his formula, but we figure introducing new tastes in small amounts won’t hurt anything, and he really likes it, so it keeps him happy at dinner time.

The rest of our week has been fairly low-key.  Enzo has been practicing his sitting more and more, and is getting closer and closer to not needing us for support.

Today we also decided to get some pumpkins for the front porch so it doesn’t look so bare and sad, so we hit up a nearby pumpkin patch!  Enzo, however, fell asleep so he did not get to sit out in the cold with us. Ha ha.

Instead, we took him home and let him check out our awesome gourds.  He’s also been non-stop talking today, which is hilarious and also awesome.  This kid has a LOT to say!

2 thoughts on “Spoons and Pumpkins

  1. Carolyn Shade

    That’s so awesome! I’m glad to see you’re listening to Enzo with the food. If you miss the window where they’re interested, you can make solid food harder for everyone. Also, starting with veggies is a good idea because sometimes if you start with fruit, babies won’t eat anything that’s not sweet. Hooray for food! Hooray for sitting!

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