Sunday evening already…

We ended up going to the Science Museum yesterday to see the Tutankhamun exhibit, and it ended up being really interesting, though at first we were almost wondering if the artifacts on display were real on not. You wouldn’t have guessed that some of the statues and carvings were actually thousands of years old, and there they were.  We couldn’t take pictures, of course, and it’s a shame because there were a lot of interesting items on display, and massive stone statuary that were just incredible.

We went and checked out the rest of the museum as well, but there’s only so far we can walk when our tummies are rumbling and demanding food, so our stroll through the other exhibits was somewhat brief.


This morning we decided to make chocolate chip pancakes, and then get some organizing done – still lots to do, but our pile of Goodwill stuff has grown, and I plan on adding even more to it.

For now, though, I think it may be time to find some grub, grab the husband, and maybe see about watching a movie while it continues to snow outside, which is lame.