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Week In Review – The It’s Hot Outside So Let’s Stay Inside Edition

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

It was one of those weeks… nothing super exciting going on, and yet it seemed exhausting as well.  Phoebe has been having some rougher bedtimes as we attempt to get her to stay in her own room.  I was okay when she would wander into our room after we had all gone to sleep, but that time got earlier and earlier until some nights she’d go to sleep between 7:30-8:00 only to wake up at 9:00 or so and want to sleep in my bed.  We are trying to break that habit and it’s not easy.  I set up a cot in our room so if she does have trouble sleeping she can come sleep on that, but the novelty wore off and she doesn’t want to sleep on the cot anymore.  SIGH.

On Tuesday I got a hair trim, and while I wasn’t sure about the short bangs at first… I grew to like them.  Har har har.

On Thursday, Enzo randomly threw up at day care several times, so I went to pick him up early.  He recovered quickly and was perfectly fine, but still had to stay home with Josh on Friday. At least the cats were happy?

On Saturday a friend of Josh’s drove out (he was picking up an arcade game that Josh had found for him) and spent the night.  Enzo didn’t want to leave the house, but Phoebe was antsy, so we had a little Girl’s Day complete with annoying puppet shows that she insisted we watch and lots of sleepy critters at a very hot day at the zoo.

The best part was getting a glimpse of the new Mountain Lion cub, though!!!! He/She was passed out and part of me wondered how hard it would be to break into the enclosure and steal the little guy away.  I’m not crazy.

Can’t forget hanging out with my favorite lizard. 😉

On Sunday we started putting together Bowser’s new enclosure (still waiting on the new light strip) and then it was swim class time!  Afterwards we played in the pool with the kids and then let them play in the play area before heading out to dinner because I had zero desire to cook.

Phoebe ended up falling asleep in our bed while we were watching The Great British Baking Show.  Even though it completely negates what we’ve been trying to train her to do, we left her in there.  It’s a new week, right?  I’m sure tonight will go swimmingly with zero issues!

Happy Monday everyone!

Week In Review – Unicorn Poop Edition

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

Last week was a semi-productive one, mostly in terms of planning/prepping for our upcoming road trip.  When it comes to trips I tend to go a little crazy with lists and spreadsheets and planning.  I’m fine with a certain amount of spontaneity, but I like to be sure we have the basics covered.

I also went and grabbed cupcakes from Nadia Cakes since they do special ones for April Fools.  Unicorn Poop is the favorite.

We also finally got around to watching Fantastic Beasts this week.  One of the hardest parts of having kids is finding time to have dates and most importantly go to the movies. I can’t wait until they’re older.

As usual, the majority of the week seemed to take place the weekend.   I took the kids to get haircuts, or rather a haircut for Enzo and a little trim for Phoebe as she kept correcting me since she didn’t want to mistakenly get too much taken off.

Then we went to get shoes as they’ve outgrown a lot and they need some summer ones. Enzo really didn’t care, but Phoebe couldn’t decide which pair and ended up on several. Admittedly, these little heels are adorable.

We then went to the zoo since it was a gorgeous day and to hopefully see some farm babies. Alas, everyone else had the same idea and it was PACKED.

Enzo does really well with sticking close, but Phoebe still has a tendency to wander off and then with the crowds, get freaked out if she loses sight of me, so I wasn’t too bummed when the kids asked if we could leave and go get ice cream.

Sunday we finally got around to doing our taxes.  Normally we don’t wait until April, but… whoops. Needless to say the second you sit down to do something important that is when the kids want your undivided attention.

Have a Happy Monday everyone!