Taste Everything

These pictures are old (as you can tell by the warmer gear Enzo is wearing), but he was so excited to get outside a few weeks after one of the first Spring rains, and for some reason I just haven’t gotten around to sharing these pictures.


Toddlers are kind of awesome and yet terrifying both at the same time in the sense that they have almost no fear and will try just about anything.  It doesn’t matter what.


While Enzo will not always eat yummy delicious things like ice cream or homemade mac n’ cheese, you can bet he’ll try anything that’s on the ground even if that means nasty puddle water in the day care parking lot or less nasty water off the picnic table on the deck.


I find it both amusing and exasperating at times that he can be so picky about some things and then not about others.  You learn to just roll with it and have no expectations whatsoever.  That also means that when a day is going really well, it’s even more exciting and awesome and you feel like you could accomplish anything because not a single meltdown has happened over something like the wrong socks or the fact that he wanted milk (but asked for juice).


While it makes me nervous that he’ll attempt to copy the bigger kids even if a jump makes him think twice, and inevitably hurts himself, I love that he always gets back up and isn’t afraid to try again later.  Granted, he’s still freaked out by elevators and avoids them at all cost (which can be a little difficult at times), but who doesn’t have one or two little fears? I’m kind of grateful he has a few considering how many almost heart-attacks this kid is going to cause me over the years to come.


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