The cat.

While the cats still tend to stick to their own territory rather than spend a great deal of time with the kids, Uzi has his moments where he likes to get snuggly with Miss Phoebe.


Enzo is still a little too loud for him, and unfortunately has gotten into the habit of saying, “No, kitty!” a lot, but only because we’ve had to also say that quite frequently as Uzi won’t stay off the kitchen table or counters.  Now, we just have to teach Enzo when kitty is actually being naughty and when he isn’t.


There are also those moments when Enzo doesn’t want kitty pushing him over (even if it is out of love), and in that case, Phoebe can’t really do anything about it so Uzi is free to give her as many head-butts as he wants to.


I don’t remember Uzi being quite so lovey with Enzo when he was a baby, so we’ll see how things change as our Toots gets older.  For now, though, it’s kind of sweet when Uzi curls up in bed between Phoebe and I, and gently puts a paw on her arm.


I think she enjoys it, even if she seems a little confused as to just what the strange furry creature is doing, and why it won’t stop so she can chew on it like her other soft toys. 😉


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