Things They Say (and Do)

There is never a dull moment… well, okay maybe there are a few here and there, but count on a kid to say or do something to end whatever quiet boredom you may have been experiencing.


Enzo has been talking a lot about birthdays lately… his in particular. I can only assume it’s because a friend had one at preschool?  He will randomly bring it up, though, and change themes.  Most often he is having a boat birthday and “you can come to my boat birthday if you want to!”  However, sometimes you’ll hear, “Phoebe, if you don’t stop, you’re not coming to my birthday party.”

His imagination is also thriving and the other night he kept having fake phone conversations on a TV remote that he was pretending was a phone.

“This is Paw Patrol, what’s wrong?”

Another thing we often hear him say is, “One day when I’m so much bigger…” or “One day when I’m a really big strong boy…”


As for Phoebe, she spends a lot of time singing still and also talking about Paw Patrol since her brother has gotten her hooked on it.  Her devotion to Minnie remains, however, so that is her main request. You can also count on her to ask for chocolate milk upon waking in the morning, but woe to you who puts it in the wrong cup because her shriek of disdain is ear piercing.

Since we’re working towards potty training her, she does talk about going potty and “poopin” rather frequently. The other day when I was at the table in fact, Enzo came over and suddenly said, “There’s poop on the floor, Mama.”  Huh? I looked down and sure enough, there it was.  And acting as innocently as can be was Phoebe who pointed at it just as surprised, even though her diaper was also discarded next to her.  Nice try, Phoebe.

Dr. Shoberg

With both their language skills progressing more and more, they seem to play much better together.  Granted, Phoebe refuses to ask nicely when it comes to them playing with him, so there’s still a little bit of sibling rivalry, but for the most part they have a really good relationship.  Both Josh and I had one of those heart bursting moments at the mall not too long ago…

Phoebe was playing on a toy and got off of it only to have another little boy climb on.  She tried to get back on and fussed, and we explained she needed to wait her turn.  After a minute he got off, and suddenly Enzo ran over (to take it we assumed), but then Phoebe ran over after him and he motioned her on it and said, “Phoebe, here you go! Quick!” and then he totally stared the other little boy down and held out his arms to block him when he tried to get too close.  I believe Enzo said, “You leave my Phoebe alone!” while throwing some major shade and protecting his little sister.

Ack!  So darn cute.  It’s moments like these we always hoped for.

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