To the Theater!

I recently saw tickets for Sesame Street Live! on Groupon and decided we should take the kids, knowing it could be hit or miss since the show was on a Friday evening. The kids usually have a busy/fun day at day care, but that can also mean they might be worn out by the time the evening does roll around.


We told Enzo what the plan was, and he was definitely excited.  We got there a tad earlier than we needed to, however, so the kids started to get a little squirmy as seats filled up and we tried to keep them occupied with souvenirs while we waited.



I wish I could have captured the look on both of their faces when the show started.  All of the sudden the main lights went off and spotlights turned on and there were different colored lights and music.  They were in complete awe.  I don’t either of them really knew what to think at first.


Overall, the kids had a good time.  We had a few moments where there was some crankiness because Enzo wanted to go talk to Elmo and he couldn’t or when they both wanted to wiggle around in front of the seats but there wasn’t enough room (not a lot of leg room in this theater) and they couldn’t see what was happening due to their unfortunate heights.


To me it seemed like intermission came quick and then Enzo wanted to walk around, or rather he wanted to go get one of the big balloons they were selling, so we all got up and went to procure one.  He had about 5 minutes to enjoy it before I had to find a way to keep it on the ground and out of the way because the show was starting back up.



The kids were happy to dance for a while, but they were quickly becoming cranky and squirmy and we noticed several other parents leaving early.  When Enzo got mad because he couldn’t have his balloon, we decided it was probably time to sneak away as well.  We had one more BIG meltdown on the way to the car, but made it to the car and got everyone home and then got two very tired kids to bed.  I think next time, we’ll try for a daytime show, but we had to give it a try.  Overall, it was a fun time, though and there were a lot of happy kids and parents (we’ll ignore the unfortunate number of really unhappy parents who didn’t want to be there).  It was fun watching both kids dance and hop around to the music, especially since Enzo is often really shy about doing so around people he doesn’t know.


I’m looking forward to more experiences like this with the kids as they get older.

4 thoughts on “To the Theater!

  1. Mom

    I don’t know if you remember the Circus, Alisha probably would more then you, but we had great seats for that, it was so much fun!

  2. Heather Shoberg Post author

    Alas, I don’t remember, but I was trying to think of some of those things you took us too when we were little… :p

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