Toddler Antics

It’s amazing just how much energy toddlers have.  There was a great meme I saw not long ago on FB that summed up exactly how Josh and I feel some evenings.  Oh, here it is! I found it very suiting since I’m a LOTR fan.


So true.

This boy rarely sits still, and when he does, it’s usually not long-lasting, though he has his moments where he’ll sit and watch ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ or be still while we read a Dr. Seuss book, and those suckers aren’t short. In general, he’s a tornado that has trouble sitting still as evidenced by how quickly he can tear apart his playroom.  Some days it’s like he’s possessed because he’ll just start cackling and run around dumping blocks and throwing balls and howling with laughter at the disaster he’s caused.  Then when we try and get him to help clean up he finds some excuse not to.  Not even two and he’s the master of evading and stall tactics.

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We do encourage most of his craziness though, as we find it hilarious and generally really cute how he runs.  I’m pretty sure it was his favorite game of chase that possibly sent me into labor with his sister.  The night before contractions started I was running around after him and remember feeling like I probably shouldn’t have done that.

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Admittedly, some games should probably be more carefully thought over.  Josh often creates new acrobatic games with Enzo and doesn’t tell anyone else, so when we go to pick him up at day care we get to hear about how he almost cracked his head open because one of his teachers wasn’t prepared for Enzo to throw himself out of her arms.  I’m also not fond of the human slide game, at least when it’s played on me.  Thankfully I’ve convinced him that game is to be played with Daddy only… until he landed on Daddy’s chest with his knees and even Josh had to admit that was a game that he probably shouldn’t have encouraged. 😉
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While I know that Enzo would have loved a brother to play with, I’m kind of hoping our daughter will be a calming influence on him. I can’t imagine two of them tearing through the house at high speeds leaving a trail of destruction behind them. Of course now that I’ve said that, she’ll probably be a daredevil as well what with the way she looks at him with such admiration and amusement.

And on that note, I hear yelling and crying and I think he’s saying, “Stuck,” so that’s probably not good.

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