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While Phoebe may not be saying much, she is very good at babbling and saying, “Uh oh.” She is getting closer to using Mama and Dada correctly… I think.  Sometimes I think she’s getting it, only for her to turn towards some inanimate object and say “Mama” at it, so maybe not.


Have I mentioned what a great sleeper this little girl is?  Well, for the most part… also she’s an odd sleeper, which is more notable.  Enzo never fell asleep in weird places or in weird positions, but Phoebe has her quirks.  Her favorite position?  She likes to sit up and then literally just fall forward and stay where she lays.  I don’t know how it’s comfortable, but I know that when I’ve tried to move her she fusses or will just get back in that position again. So… that.


As for Enzo… this boy cracks me up and also makes me realize I need to pay more attention to what I say and how I say it. 😉  Most notably, his imagination is getting bigger and bigger and I love it.  In the car he got very dramatic and pointed to the sky, crying out, “Oh no!  The sky! The sky is in the car!  It got my head!”

He has also started telling us to have a good day (which is nice), and then he’ll often pretend to go on a trip with his rolling bag and wave good-bye telling us, “See you Monday!”

He does, however, get a little sassy at times and last night said, “Mommy!  Get my milk, right now!” Hmmm… yeah, okay, so that might be my fault for earlier telling him to get in the car “right now” after major dawdling and a very long day.  Sigh.


I also love that so many of his new words and phrases have to do with Phoebe.

“Where’s Phoebe?”

“Mommy go check on Phoebe?”

“Phoebe!  No go down the stairs!”  (He’s been very helpful when Josh is not at home since we have two steps that we can’t exactly baby gate).

There are, however, a lot of these: “No, Phoebe!  No touch my (insert toy/food/whatever here).”

Either way, it’s fun and I like seeing them together. Phoebe has been a good influence on Enzo as he is now way more willing ot take baths and let us wash his hair – as long as she goes first, and Phoebe just loves looking up to her big brother. She follows him around like a puppy… literally. He says, “Come’ere, Phoebe!” and she happily crawls after him.  They also have fun little games where they chase each other and yell at each other, which is not my favorite, but makes them both laugh like mad.

Oh the wonderful madness.

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