Toddler Transitions

It’s been a busy week for the kiddos.  Enzo transitioned to the preschool room from the toddler room on Monday, and you can tell it’s been both easy and hard for him.  Overall he really enjoys the atmosphere of the new room, but at the same time he really misses his toddler room teachers.  He has those moments where he says he doesn’t want to go to preschool and runs to the other door saying he wants to go to the “Little Room,” but once he’s where he needs to be he does just fine.


I’m reminded at the most random times just how big he’s getting.  His vocabulary gets bigger all the time, as well as his imagination and his independence.  Depending on his mood, he likes helping me bake things (which I don’t do often enough), but more importantly he enjoys the part where you get to taste everything.  I love watching him sneak frozen blueberries if we’re making muffins or pancakes, and chocolate chips if we’re making cookies. Now, you’re more likely to find him counting said blueberries or chocolate chips, as well as pointing out letters on packaging.


We were at the zoo this past weekend and he walked up to the tiger sign and excitedly pointed out all of the letters (correctly) and it made me realize that he’ll probably be reading even sooner than I would have thought. Both of our kids have a great love of books, which makes me so happy, and it’s so much fun to listen to Enzo read from memory as it’s a glimpse into what will be the near future.  The other day Josh peeked into his room where Enzo was sitting with a book and his Mickey Mouse doll and he looked up and said, “Go away, Daddy, I’m reading to Mickey.”  He can be a little sassy at times, but it was adorable to sneakily watch him read his construction book to Mickey.


I’m really glad and grateful that we have a great day care/preschool that is teaching him so much.  I love hearing about his day, even if it’s usually always the same thing…

Me: Did you have a good day?

Enzo: Yeah!  I play with Nolan and Bentley in the sandbox!

He has a mild obsession with sand right now. He has some kinetic sand at home that he likes to play with his mini construction vehicles in, and I actually prefer that to Playdoh because it’s less messy (no residue left behind).  It’s the little things.


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