Update on our furry friends.

Lest anyone should think the fur balls are unwell, they are in fact doing quite fine. We even got them a new cat tree since they spend so much time downstairs and could use some more places to hang out and sharpen their claws on.


While these pictures are a few weeks old, we do have some rare moments where they both will hang out upstairs even if the kids are present.  Both of the kids get so excited to see the cats that it’s hard to explain why Ziggy always runs away and why Uzi sometimes will allow affection and sometimes won’t.  Cats are fickle creatures. Since Phoebe is sitting up all the time now, photos like the above will happen less and less.


I suppose we just have ot keep luring them into the play room with treats and catnip in order to keep everyone amused. Apparently Enzo’s room still smells like cantip after the last time I put some in there because Uzi randomly went in there the other day and sprawled out on the floor. Enzo, as you can probably guess, is very pleased when that happens.


I’m constantly making the cats older than they actually are, but I think that Uzi is at least 10 years old, which would make Ziggy around 12 years old.  I think.  Somewhere I have paperwork of some kind that will end the mystery, or my sister will be able to tell me the year we got him because she’s much better at remembering things like numbers and I got him right after we moved into our first place together.  Anyhoo… the cats are alive and well, although apparently the average cat only lives to be 12-15 years?? That can’t be right since our last cat lived to be 21 years old.  Okay, so the cats are alive and well and most likely will be for a very long time. Random post complete.

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