Walking in a winter wonderland…

I meant to get these pictures up from Enzo’s first snow experience, but have been under the weather this week with a cold/sinus infection.  Thanks to antibiotics should be feeling like my old self again soon. Anyhoo…

Since our first real storm of the year dropped about a foot of snow, we thought it was the perfect time for Enzo to experience it, so we bundled him up (to his dismay) and went outside.


In hindsight, waiting for it to be less windy might have been a good idea since we had snow blowing in our faces and couldn’t really enjoy it.


Enzo definitely seemed intrigued, though.  He was kind of in awe and just looked around a lot squinting his eyes from how bright it was and because his parents are morons and dragged him out into the wind.


He puts up with us so well, and I’m glad he got to wear his first snow suit at least once before he outgrows it.


See?  Almost enjoying it as he tries to mimic his dad!  He did actually smile a few times while we were outside, though, we couldn’t catch those on camera…. probably because whenever we tried he’d get a gust of snow/wind in his face.  Oh well, maybe next time he’ll get to enjoy it more.

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