Week 25

These weeks have kind of blurred together in my mind.  I don’t have nearly as many appointments as I did with Enzo, and it really doesn’t change all that much from week to week.  My next appointment isn’t until 28 weeks when they do the Glucose Screening, and I’m not too worried about that. If anything it just takes a while since you have to hang out for an hour and all that fun stuff. Plus, I generally eat first thing in the morning, and I’m not supposed to eat for 8 hours prior. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about not getting my 5:30am bowl of cereal.

Week 25

As for activity, Baby Girl has been much more active lately.  It’s been fun watching my belly start to move around when she’s really dancing.  So far, she hasn’t cooperated when I try to let Enzo feel her, though.  Josh has gotten to feel some of her acrobatics as well, especially after I drank some sweet tea. Ha ha. At least I know how to get her moving when I feel paranoid. 😉

Week 25-2

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