Week 25

This week has been a bit more busy than usual, but we found a midwife group that we really like and are making the switch, so we’ll be having a hospital birth, but with the midwife/natural birth experience that we wanted.  We also had our first daycare interview today, and like the woman a lot, but are up against two other couples, so we’ll need to interview some centers as well as in-home openings for infants are few and far between it would seem.  As for the Wonton – he is doing great – very active still, which is a lot of fun. I can’t help but smile when I feel those big kicks/punches or actually see my belly bounce around.  While I’m not tired of being pregnant yet, I admit that I’m definitely starting to feel it more – a bit achy and doing simple things like tying my own shoes has become more of a pain.  I’m hoping the yoga will keep me more limber (once I do it more regularly). :p


One thought on “Week 25

  1. Sharon

    You look great, still staying very compact just sticking out a bit more, you will probably have to resort to slip on shoes unless Josh is around to tie your shoes for you, I love it and I am glad yo are still feeling good.

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