Week 26

It’s been a pretty productive week, and Baby Boy is super active – it literally feels like he’s bouncing off the walls. He woke Josh up because Josh had fallen asleep with his hand on my belly and the Wonton had decided it was time to test out his ninja skills.

The belly is definitely growing, and I’ve been asked several times if I’m having twins or when my due date is because “it must be any day now.”  While it doesn’t do a lot for the ‘ole self-esteem, I don’t care – I’m not measuring larger than I should be, and I feel perfectly comfortable with my new form.  Besides, if I was too much smaller, Baby Boy might run out for room for his acrobatics. 😉


For fun – this is me at 20 weeks wearing the same outfit. :p

In other events, we’ve been busy getting things ready for the baby, like putting together a stroller, which Uzi immediately discovered offers the perfect spot for stowaways.

And today we put together a dresser, the crib, and changing table so that we’ll plenty of room to store everything (and then some). We were laughing because the baby has nicer bedroom furniture than we do now, which is good because hopefully it’ll last a long time.

We still have a lot to organize and do, but I feel very good that the nursery is finally beginning to look like a nursery.

2 thoughts on “Week 26

  1. Sharon

    You also look just right for how far along you are, I was huge, but it may be people think you look bigger because you are so small everyplace else, which is wonderful.

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