Week 28

It’s been a decent week over all – no changes to report on the baby front, though, the nursery walls are now patched and ready for decorating thanks to Josh tackling a bunch of projects this week. Aside from being a little achy, I’m feeling good, and realized that after this next week’s appointment, I’ll be entering that stage where I have to go in every other week for check-ups. The big day is definitely drawing closer now that I guess I’ve officially entered the third trimester!


In other events, not much is new.  This winter has been odd, but I admit it’s nice that while it’s still cold, it’s not so cold that Josh can’t grill up dinner. 😉

This meant the cats wanted out of course, but they didn’t want the cold, so Josh carried a huffy Uzi back inside after a few minutes.  I’ve never known a cat to actually huff at you when he’s irritated, but this one certainly does. I think they were placated later, though.

Our cats spoiled? Never!

Sadly enough, not much else has been going on. I think things will start to get busier, though, as we get further along and prepare for the Wonton’s arrival. This month isn’t too busy so far, but that can always change. Depending on the weather, I think we’re going to go do some exploring next weekend to get out of the house, and I have a couple of decent coupons to use on baby stuff, so we may see about using those before they expire.  And now I see it’s almost time for the big game to commence, so that means it’s time for leftover homemade mac n’ cheese!  Probably better than my Friday night dinner, but despite the pain, I’ve got to have pizza every once in a while.