Week 30

Baby Boy is doing good this week, and so am I.  He continues to be a mover and a shaker and has switched positions a couple of times keeping us on our toes.  While my belly has gotten bigger, it seems like the progression has gotten a tad slower, which is good since my clothes are getting really tight and I don’t want to have to buy too many more items with just a mere two months to go!  Two months – that’s it!?


With the weather being fairly decent this weekend, we decided to get out and drive to Stillwater to check out the antique shops and book shops that they have out there.  I hadn’t realized what a cute little town it is, and definitely want to go back when the weather is warmer.  I managed to flesh out my book collection a bit, including finding some good deals on Nancy Drew books – one day my collection will be complete and hopefully we’ll have a daughter one day who will love them as much as I did growing up.


I also found a fun cookbook that I’m still flipping through, but comes complete with some help on what to do if you need to properly set a table and host on your own without a maid, as well as menu ideas for young children.


We were also able to find a few glasses to add to our drinking glass collection, which also means time to reorganize the cabinet a bit and get rid of the “boring” glasses.

And while we were in Stillwater, we went to a local brewery – me to rest my weary feet, and Josh so he could sample the beer.  I may have sampled off of Josh’s, but I couldn’t let him waste the stout, now could I?  They had a coffee stout that would have been magical with a big piece of chocolate cake.  Yum.  Thankfully, I had truffles in the car, though, so the chocolate craving was fulfilled.  We also picked up a pint glass to add to our pint glass collection… okay, so we may have more glasses than we’ll ever need, but at least they’re awesome.

And then it was a mostly leisurely Sunday in which we slept in, went to see the movie Chronicle and then went and upgraded our cell phones, followed by some kitty snuggling because you know they miss us when we decide to not stay at home on a weekend.  We may have one of the neediest cats on the planet, but he’s pretty cute.

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  1. Sharon Hubbs

    I think it’s amazing you can be in short sleves in February in Minnesota, and you Uzi is very sweet, you can just see the pleasure on his face when he gets snuggled with.

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