Week 37

Thanks to some good ‘ole nesting, I think we got all the major things done around the house that we needed to this week.  Car seats, check. Co-Sleeper, check.  Hospital bags packed, well… almost. I still need to make a playlist of music and prep Enzo’s stuff as he will most likely be staying with his aunt and uncle and cousin when we head to the hospital.

 Week 37

Most importantly, though, we’ve picked movies to watch.  At first I didn’t think we’d use them when I grabbed movies to watch while waiting for Enzo, but they came in really handy with him.  Now I can fondly recall watching ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ while laboring in the tub.  Plus it was nice afterwards when it was just Josh and I and we needed a distraction while Enzo was in Special Care, which I’m hoping doesn’t happen again with Baby Girl.  I would love to have fewer people in the room this time around and would love to get to spend time with her rather than having her rushed away so soon after.

Anyhoo, as for the PUPPS – I think all of my remedies are actually working!  The itchiness is vastly improved and the rash itself has started to disappear, and while it’s not gone entirely, it’s fantastic to not feel like I want to rip my own skin off!

 Week 37-2

Also, if the midwives are right, then Baby Girl is around 7 pounds right now and that could mean if she waits for her due date she could be even bigger than Enzo was, but for sure at least 8 pounds.  Josh thinks she just feels bigger because she’s going to have long limbs like her mama – time will tell!

One thought on “Week 37

  1. Sharon

    Not too much more time, she is really moving into position, she has dropped lower than the last picture you took.

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