Week 38

Week 38 (or what feels like Year 2) has come and will be gone as of tomorrow when I officially hit 39 weeks. My health is pretty much unchanged except my PUPPS remedies seem to not be working as well anymore for whatever reason. Oh well, just a little longer.  Surely I can deal with the itching for another week or so… or less.  Ack… sometimes I wish I just knew when she was going to arrive as surprises drive me crazy and I much prefer to plan things.

Week 38

As for Baby Girl, she is doing good.  Strong heartbeat and all of that good stuff. I had one semi-paranoid moment this past week where she wasn’t moving much, so I called the midwives just to be on the safe side.  They asked me to come in right away, so I did, and of course that was when she started moving and perking up again.  They still did a non stress test, but it was of course all fine and dandy.  So… we just keep waiting and try to be prepared as possible each day.  I’m okay if she waits a few more days, though, as Enzo’s cough isn’t any better.  We’re nebulizing him again because it sounds like he’s getting a wheeze and if he’s sick the pediatrician says we shouldn’t let him near Baby Girl when she’s born, and I think that stresses me out more than anything. I don’t want things to start out with him being kept out of arm’s reach of mama and his new sister, so perhaps she’s picking up on that and is patiently waiting until she has the all clear. 😉

Week 38-2

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