Week In Review – Busy Weekend

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

WEEKLY ACCOMPLISHMENTS (in no particular order and with very few pictures because it was that kind of week)

  • Started working out/exercising. It isn’t always easy to fit it in, but a little here and there is just going to have to work.
  • Finished setting up my bullet journal – still working on layout, though.
  • Finished Downton Abbey. I actually felt really good about the ending and it was one of the better show finales that I’ve seen.
  • Got the kiddos haircuts and then ice cream afterwards because it was one way of getting them to leave the play area of the mall.

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  • Made lots of appetizers to munch on, but did not watch any football even though it was on in the background.

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  • Bought everything for Pinterest inspired non-candy Valentines for the kids to take to daycare/preschool on Friday.
  • Bagged up some of the kids’ too-small clothes and pulled out some of the larger items that won’t be too large for very long.  I forgot how many cute clothes Phoebe already has for warmer weather (whenever that arrives).  Girl clothes are just so much cuter than boy clothes.
  • Decided to take this Friday off and go on a “date” with my husband.

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – Busy Weekend

  1. Heather@hungryforbalance

    I love the ice cream pictures!! Kids are so serious about ice cream!! It’s so cute! I’m going to have to remember that bribe for the next time I need Mstilds to leave the mall play area- I usually don’t even have to put money in the cars- she just loves to sit in them. Crazy girl!
    I realized last night that I hardly took any pictures last week too. It’s such an easy thing to forget when your chasing after kids!
    Good for you for starting exercising! I always feel like getting started is the hardest part.
    The game was on last night over here as well, but I didn’t watch it either.


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