Week in Review – Do the Things!

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

As usual most of my week is spent working during the day, but I did manage to fit in a lot of down-time and fun as well.  The weather was nice, which is always helpful and it turned out perfectly for our weekend, so it could not have been better!

Tuesday evening, Phoebe came home exhausted from preschool and crashed at 5:30pm.  I have a feeling she got a bit overheated, poor girl.

The highlight of the week is always the weekend and while I may not get to sleep in (ever), I don’t mind too much being woken up by cute kiddos or cats.

On Saturday Enzo, Phoebe and I went to the Landscape Arboretum.  There was a Groupon for a discounted yearly membership and we decided it would be a good investment.  There is so much to explore, and the kids love nature walks, but I’m also always looking for a good place that I can go on my own for some “me” time and I’m looking forward to solitary walks along the many paths and trails.

We also managed to get there just in time for some crafts, which the kids were excited about at first, but then not… haha.

Unfortunately, Phoebe smashed Enzo’s finger in a little door about halfway through our day and it got a bit skinned, but we had to take a bit of break while I tried to comfort, but also shush him because you would have thought I was murdering him from his screams.  Then of course came the dramatic cries of, “I’ll never be able to use my hand again,” “This is why I wish I didn’t have a sister,” and “It was NOT an accident.”  Still trying to explain to Enzo that everyone is not purposely trying to hurt him or ruin his life.

We gave the hedge maze a try until there were more screams due to spiders and hornets and it was at that time I suggested we get out of the heat, get some ice cream and go home.

Sunday was thankfully a bit less eventful. I even got some cleaning done, no thanks to Vega who thinks I can’t make a bed by myself.

We also gave Bowser a little bath while tidying up his cage.  He’s been really active, however, and harder to hold onto and I absolutely do not trust Vega not to try and eat him if he got loose.

So there you have it!  Happy Monday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Week in Review – Do the Things!

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    And how does one actually bathe a lizard? I’m curious.

    The cat was telling you forget making the bed, just lay down and nap.

    The Arboretum looks really good. Hopefully the next trip ends with no skinned fingers or scary wasps. Ave is very into bugs right now so I have to pretend they’re just fabulous even though I want to run away from them. 🙂

    1. Heather Shoberg Post author

      Haha, thankfully all you do to bathe a lizard is put a little warm water in a receptacle and let him splash around a bit.

      Yeah, she scratched me when I attempted to actually make the bed. Point taken.

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