1 Year

It’s hard to believe that our little Phoebe (or Squish as we often call her) is a year old today.  We’ve been through it before, but it never ceases to amaze me how much a baby can grow and change in just one year. Without a doubt this little lady is going to be a bit of a handful, but with her winning personality she’s practically irresistible.


Mornings can be a struggle considering she would rather not wear clothes at all and gets a bit sassy when it’s time to get dressed. Who can blame her, though? Clothes are so confining and this girl has places to go and things to do.  Her curiosity is endless and she has a stubborn independent streak. In so many ways she’s very much like her brother at this age – into everything with a naughty giggle.


When she’s not reading books (her favorite is ‘Moo, Baa, La-La-La’) she can often be found playing with hot wheels, trains, or more often than not the toy workbench where she can hammer away or just throw the tools down the stairs.  Though she’s not walking yet, she’s getting close and can go up the stairs with no problems at all.  She’s almost going down the stairs by herself (the 3 steps that separate kitchen from play room) – she still needs a little guidance getting turned around on that top step, but not for long.


One of her biggest “accomplishments” recently is finally getting some teeth!  She’s got two on the bottom and one on the top, with the other slowly following. She reminds me a little of Ellie from ‘Up’ with the one big tooth up front, but also the hair and how much I can completely see Phoebe being an outspoken, rowdy tomboy.


See the resemblance? (Just imagine the teeth, she never shows me her teeth for pictures). 😉


We’re in that stage where Phoebe still wants to be held a lot, and gets some separation anxiety from time to time.  She really wants to be independent, but it’s clear she hasn’t outgrown us yet. While not always convenient, it’s nice to be needed and it’s busy mornings and evenings where I’m so grateful that she doesn’t mind being worn.  I’m thinking we may need to end up getting a larger carrier so I can continue to wear her as she gets even older (or a fun carrier that Josh doesn’t mind wearing). 😉


Miss, Phoebe, you are and always will be our shining light.

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