Toddler Talk

It’s hard to keep track of all the crazy things Enzo comes up with at times.  His imagination is highly amusing right now, as are most of the things that come out of his mouth (even when they aren’t supposed to be humorous).


Lately bedtime has been… interesting. He used to go to bed and stay there, but not so much anymore. We now keep a gate at his door and most nights go like this:

Door opens and Enzo discovers the gate and starts whining.

E: No, gaaaaattteee.

Us: Sorry, Buddy, it’s time for bed.

E: My tummy hurts. (Said while smiling).

Us: Well, I’m sure it’ll feel better if you lie down.

E: But my finger hurts.

Us: Do you think it’ll be okay?

E: Yeah.

Us: Can you climb into bed now?

E: I need high-five first.

High five!

Us: Good night, Buddy! Love you!

E: Uv you too.

The other night I heard the gate open at his door and didn’t even give him time to peek his head out before I gave him the warning (saying his name).  Instead of saying anything, he held his arm out, I gave him a high five, saw a peek of a smile and he closed the door while quietly saying good-night.  Ha ha.


Those dimples get me every single time.  Seriously, though, I love how much more he can verbally communicate now.  Sure, he doesn’t always have nice things to say, but at least we’re getting to a stage where we can better understand each other, and that really makes all the difference.  How about some Cat, Dinosaur, Whale?

[vimeo 111456408 w=500 h=889]

20141020 173028-0 from Heather Shoberg on Vimeo.