The company Christmas party was on Saturday night so we dressed up, which was fun and a rarity. :p The party was at a local golf club and overall it was very nice, the food wasn’t bad, the dessert was super yummy! The company really put a lot of money into it actually… free bar and everything, plus gift cards ($100!) and fleece logo jackets for everyone – guests included. We decided it was time to leave as soon as the DJ played the Chicken Dance, which had been preceded by an interesting selection of songs, most of which was pre-90s.

Now… as for the gingerbread castle… it turns out it was a tad bit too ambitious for a first time experiment when you are pressed for time. Things started going wrong when it became apparent that the little hand mixer was not going to cut it. I have now decided to save for a nice big cuisinart that will mix anything. Try mixing 9 cups of flour and molasses and etc. and you’ll know what I mean. To make matters worse it turns out my large cookie sheet (which fits in most regular ovens) does not fit in our 70’s Brady Bunch style oven. After two hours in the kitchen and one disaster after another I managed to bake the dragon and the knight and the lady, but then called it quits. We have yet to decorate them, but I think a bit more planning next time would be better and a much smaller project to start out with.

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  1. BreezyAnne-a + Fam

    I am surprised his company had a party.. I have herd of so many Christmas party’s here being cancelled because of the economy. It sounds like a pretty good party too… and 80’s music aint all bad! 😉 I had a friend who had a tiny oven, I always was keeping an eye out for smaller pans for her.:)And on your comment about William; Pictures is such a relief to us and him I know! 🙂 luv ya!

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