Happy Holidays!

Talk about an exhausting couple of days. I’m officially wiped out. We spent Christmas Eve with Josh’s dad and that part of the family. It was a south of the border theme with some non-traditional fare and present opening (of course). All in all, a very nice evening. Christmas morning Josh and I got up and did our stockings and gave the kitties their presents and opened presents from my family – and then I made gingerbread pancakes with lemon sauce. We had a few hours to relax before it was time for Josh’s mom and that side of the family to arrive – 15 people in total and when you have that many people you can pretty much bet on a little chaos in a house of that size. Still, we managed to fit everyone in the basement in front of the fire to open presents. We took about 168 photos over two days, so I’m obviously not going to post them all, but here is a link to a seperate site… mostly family opening gifts. I have to work on Sunday evening, but I do believe Josh and I are going to watch some of our new movies tonight and tomorrow and just crash on the beanbag chair in front of another fire. I also plan on playing with my new toys – Josh gave me legos! A huge box of them! Yay! So, while I do that Josh will probably play some Fable II (my gift) and we’re going to check out Mario Galaxy for the Wii (from my mom). I also have a new 500GB harddrive to fill! 🙂

Here’s the link: http://madamesecretary.googlepages.com/christmas2008

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