15 Months

Our Phoebe girl is another month older today, and while I don’t have her 15 month stats yet (checkup next week) I can tell you that she’s growing and thriving. She’s in 18 month clothing and slowly gaining on her brother.  Some days it surprises me how much older she looks and seems.  She’s definitely leaving babyhood behind and becoming a full-fledged toddler.


As far as toddling goes, she is becoming more and more adept at walking.  We haven’t quite graduated to hard soled shoes as she still tumbles quite a bit, so soft soled shoes are easier or going barefoot the majority of the time.  Just like her brother, she isn’t satisfied with merely walking and is trying to run everywhere despite the whole not being steady on her feet thing.


One of her biggest obsessions is her big brother (sometimes to his dismay).  She follows him around and her face lights up when she sees him. While is she often shadowing someone, she is also becoming more independent. She can get down off of our bed by herself now (and the couch), and it’s cute to watch her head off with her lovie without looking back.


Some of her favorite things right now are still books, but also the star lights we bought her at IKEA.  We sing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star together whenever they’re turned on. She also loves playing with cars and blocks and our cell phones. Her absolute favorite items are her lovies – I think she’s even more attached to hers than Enzo was/is.


She has such a fun personality and I love her big open mouthed grins and little cackle. She often follows me around demanding to be picked up and the only way I can get ready in the morning is to put her on the bathroom counter, just like I used to do with Enzo.  We’re slowly getting into tantrum territory, but Josh and I both feel more prepared this time around. Plus, hers are really very minor right now and sometimes even she has a hard time keeping a straight face when she’s fake crying or being dramatic. 😉


She’s a wonderful complement to our family, so I think we’ll keep her. 😉

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