18 Weeks

Yeah, we missed 17 weeks. Josh was out of town most of the weekend and I was not feeling like picture taking on Sunday, so here we are. It’s funny how this pregnancy already feels like it’s moving faster than my first, and it definitely feels different.  Probably because we’re so focused on Enzo lately and chasing after him, whereas when I was pregnant with him, I could fully focus on my pregnancy.  The excitement is there, but it’s not as all-consuming. I want to be more present considering this is most likely the last time I’ll ever go through the experience of pregnancy, but it’s so hard some days, which really tells me I need to set aside more time in my day to acknowledge our growing little Burrito and try and “bond” more like I did when Enzo was just a wee Wonton.

Week 18

It’s hard not to be totally enamored with Mr. Enzo, though.


Every day it seems brings something new.  He blows kisses like an expert, though, he’ll often turn away when I ask for a real one. He’s also big on “Uh oh” right now, however, now he’ll throw or drop things on purpose and say “Uh oh,” soooo I guess that’ll take working on. Ha ha.

Uh Oh

It’s definitely amusing to watch as he tries to imitate us when it comes to mannerisms and words and phrases.  Just today he started saying, “Hi” and in the bath when I kept asking him to look “Up” he’d repeat over and over “Up, up, up, up.”  Granted, he didn’t actually look up, but it was cute nonetheless.


I’m sure I’m forgetting some of his other fun new developments, but you get the idea.  It’s amazing how much they grow and change in such little time.  He’s becoming a very big boy, very fast.

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