Bill Cosby and a Tricycle.

Those two things aren’t actually related, but they do sum up our weekend to an extent.  On Saturday Josh and I went to see Bill Cosby at Treasure Island for an early anniversary present to ourselves, and that morning we also put together a tricycle for Enzo.


As you can see, Enzo was very impatient to have it done.  He was really into the whole process and super excited about it… he must have known that because there were wheels, it would be an awesome toy.


He’s right too – it’s a pretty cool trike because for now it also acts as a stroller that Josh and I can push until he’s big enough to start using the pedals. The little man started losing his cool before the trike was finished, but you can see by the look on his face that he was pretty excited when he got to see it all finished.

Trike3 Trike4

Hopefully we can actually take him for a walk around the block this week if it stays nice out.  In the meantime, Josh’s sister Leah came to watch Enzo for us and it was off to see Bill Cosby!  All in all it was a decent show, though, it ended up being a tad shorter than we expected.  Bill is definitely getting up there in years and we couldn’t help but notice a lot of “Old man” mannerisms, but he’s still very funny, and we both laughed quite a bit. I think my biggest complaint was the venue itself and having to go through the smoking part of the casino to get to the event center, and the fact that the event center is basically an over-sized conference room, so the only way to really see him was on the screens.  Next time (if there is one) we’ll buy the cheaper tickets that are on the “high-risers”.


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  1. Sharon

    Enzo looks so much like you in that picture of you on the tricycle, I think you were a little older but the similarity is right on. He is so happy!

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