19 Months

What can I say?  Our little mama’s girl has been pretty busy this past month, but has also been teething the past few days, which has made her a bit more clingy and sad than usual.  I know it’s bad when we get to day care and she immediately latches onto my leg, pouts and says, “No! Mama up!”  Nothing breaks my heart more than having to rush out the door, and the other day I looked back to see her face and hands pressed against the glass crying.  My heart!


Anyhoo…  most things remain the same, including her love of music and dancing.  Now she’ll request “Happy” short for If You’re Happy and You Know It, as well as Ring around the Roses.  She never quite makes it to “We all fall down,” but instead collapses before that.  She’s been getting a kick out of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes too.


Because her older brother is usually in charge of the TV that does get watched, he is the one that picks the shows, but she has made it clear that she’s a big Jake (as in Jake and the Neverland Pirates) fan.  We haven’t watched Daniel Tiger as much with her, but mostly because Enzo has been hooked on Little Einsteins, which she sort of enjoys because of the music, but also thinks it’s a little dull.


She is still very much a bookworm and it’s not unusual to see her pull out books and pretend to read them.  Her favorites change now and then, but for the most part lately she still loves the Babylit books (especially Romeo and Juliet and Sense and Sensibility).  She also likes The Hungry Caterpillar and Goodnight Gorilla.  It’s the best when I sit down to read to her at night and she carefully picks out her books and tosses aside the ones she has no interest in that evening.


She’s learning so much and lately she’s been attempting to sing the ABC song as well as count. It’s super cute to watch her try and count her fingers and sing her ABCs.  She’ll also stop you if you start singing a song she isn’t fond of. Oh my sassy, clingy little monkey.  Never change.


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  1. Joanne

    I’m sure leaving her at daycare is super hard on days like those. But I also love that she obviously totally knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you what that is!

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