Ziggy Fluff

I almost said there’s nothing worse than being sick on a weekend, but that’s not true.  We could have gotten sick while on vacation, which would be much worse.  Now we just have to hope everyone makes a full recovery before we leave so we can completely enjoy our time away.  And as much as the cats love us, I have a feeling they’re looking to some quiet time as well, and lots of undivided attention since their best buddy Dave is coming to stay with them.


Surprisingly, though, Ziggy really is mellowing and is very slowly becoming more bold.  She actually went outside on the deck and rolled around in front of the door; then the other night she walked all the way to the other side!  This may not seem like much, but we’ve lived here two years and she’s been too afraid to hang out on the deck because it’s not secluded enough for her liking.  Okay, it also doesn’t help that we’re surrounded by dog lovers either. 😉


More importantly, though, while she still prefers the kids to keep their distance, there have been a few moments where she has stayed in the same room as them and even sniffed them and allowed them to briefly touch her before scampering off.  Both kids are pretty cautious with her, probably because they don’t know if they should be scared of her too.  In the meantime, the fact that all of us can sleep on the same bed is pretty impressive… crowded, but at least there are 2 happy cats and 2 happy kids, and 2 very tired parents. Ha!

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