2016 In Books

For the past couple of years (with the help of Goodreads) I’ve been setting reading goals for myself.  I’ve always been an avid bookworm, but haven’t found nearly as much time in the past 4-5 years for reading *cough* kids *cough*.  Setting a goal has helped me find my joy again and this past year I managed to read 51 books.  Okay, I’ll be honest, they weren’t all full-sized books, but thanks to Goodreads, I’ve got all the details including a list of everything I read this year.

I’d say an average of over 400 pages per book makes up for the shorter graphic novels I read, not that I have to prove myself to anyone. Anyhoo… don’t ask me what my favorite book this year was because there were too quite a few to choose from.  As far as duds go… there were a couple of those as well. I’ve been reading some YA novels and while some are pretty good and fun to read, some are just not my cup of tea, and admittedly I’m not exactly the target audience, so there’s also that.

Now to come up with a goal for this upcoming year. I didn’t exactly go over my goal by much and while I may get another book or two read (depending on size) before the actual end of the year, I’m not sure how much to push myself in 2017.

Also… should you have any book recommendations for this upcoming year, please give them to me!!!