See you next year!

Since I don’t have to be at work again until next year, I’m going to also take a break from the blog until next year as well. I love starting fresh and what better time to do that than the new year. I’ve got my new 2017 planner ready to go and I’m excited to use it. I get giddy over new planners and quite frankly love a good trip through the office supply area of any store. Though I have no real certainty over exactly what I plan on accomplishing this next year, I am feeling really motivated and excited about things to come. Sorry if my optimism makes you want to gag, but I’m going to make 2017 a great year. 2016 had more downs than I would have cared for and that’s not happening again. Intention set, so let’s make it so, Universe.

So, how about one last photo dump for the year since I really have no recent photos to post and I have these hanging out in my WordPress Gallery that never made it into a post?  Some are too cute to delete, so I’m doing it!  Have a wonderful rest of the year everyone!