21 Weeks

Well, not much is new at this point.  I’m definitely getting more used to the idea of a little girl running around with Enzo, and I’m looking forward to getting the nursery ready.  We really want to repaint the whole house, but we’ll have to see just how much we actually get done before the little miss arrives.  With Enzo running around, we’d have to plan painting for naps and after bedtime, so it definitely takes some planning.

Week 21

Healthwise, though, I’m doing fine and so is everyone else.  I feel bigger than I did with Enzo at this stage, so how about a comparison?

Week 21 (1)

Yep, a little bigger. I guess I’ll watch that since we know how big I got with Enzo by the time he was due.  Need a reminder?

Week 39 (1)

Yeah… Here’s hoping this little girl doesn’t decide to make me look like I’m smuggling watermelons again. 😉

One thought on “21 Weeks

  1. Sharon

    I don’t think you are any bigger but you are carrying her a little higher than Enzo, it is hard to tell from a picture though 🙂

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