He’s A Maniac…

Not really, but Enzo finds it really funny if we sing “He’s a maniac, maniac, on the floor.”  Come on, you know the words. “And he’s dancing like he’s never danced before!”  He moves his feet as fast as possible and we do the dance and it’s great fun. Ah, parenting. He does, however, have his moments of hysteria.


This boy is developing quite the flair for drama, and can throw some epic tantrums if he’s in the mood. Overall we’ve been lucky and he’s usually a really happy boy, but he does have his moments, which we think got worse when changes happened at day care.  He’s the oldest in the Infant room, and ever since his group of pals moved into the Toddler room a month about a month ago he’s been a tad more feisty and sassy… probably because the other babies haven’t been able to keep up with him. Thankfully, two more kiddos are starting to walk better, so he should have better playmates, and we found out he’ll be moving into the Toddler room at the end of August or early September.


It does make me a little sad to think he’s moving to the Toddler room already, though. He is without a doubt not a baby anymore, but a little boy. His personality comes out more and more each day as he communicates with us in his own way and he’s such a goofball when he’s not dramatically throwing himself to the floor because a toy didn’t do what he wanted it to do or because I can’t pick him exactly when he wants me to.


Some of his latest shenanigans included finding my box of straws in one of the drawers. I came up behind him to see that he was carefully trying each one out before putting it on the floor. Then when he realized I was there, he smiled and handed me one… and then another, and so on.  He also enjoys pulling out the Tupperware and insisting that I sit down so he can put each one on my head like a hat. Needless to say, we clean up the kitchen about 3-6 times a day just to avoid slipping and breaking a leg on something. 😉


I’m sure it’ll get easier… and then maybe harder and then easier again, but that’s just the way life is.  It’s definitely like a roller coaster at times, but that’s okay.  The ups make the downs worthwhile and one day I’m sure we’ll look back on these days and miss them – tantrums and all.

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  1. Sharon

    He looks a lot like you did at that age. So much to learn and they want to learn it all at once.

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